Screenshot 2016-04-21 00.13.29Howdy y’all! I am Christine, an humble Texan (I try at least to be!) who loves life,  liberty and the pursuit of craftiness, but mostly for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ while livin’ in the Lone Star state!
Family – I have a godly man that I am blessed to call my one true love – Steve, and we have four gorgeous children (+ one in heaven), one son-in-love and two rescue dogs. I am fixin’ to be a “Mimi” for the first time when our grand baby girl arrives! I am SO excited and cannot wait for her to get here!

Career – For my main job, I’ve been a stay at home Mom almost for 20 years and have loved every minute of it! Well, almost every minute! ! I have been a small business owner (arts & crafts, a resume service,  staff consultant and a personnel business) and a volunteer in church, public schools and the community. In my previous professional life, I was a staffing manager and recruiter for a large area personnel service, and an administrative assistant before that.

What’s on Lone Star Y’all?  You will find helpful advice, handy tips, encouraging devotions and journaling, lots of crafts, a plethora of ideas, and many yummy recipes many with a bent towards the Lone Star state!

Have any questions or comments? You can reach me at lonestaryall@gmail.com 
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Some links on this blog are to affiliates. This helps to support my family and I want to say thanks y’all if you decide to make a purchase. I will do my dangdest to only bring you the best and most helpful content and products. Thanks y’all and God bless!



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